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Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter is an audio drama produced by Brokensea Audio Productions. Set in the 1930s, it is an adventure serial that follows Jake Sampson and his partners Texas Holdem and Lucy Carter as they encounter all manner of supernatural occurances.

Main Cast[]

  • Mark Kalita as Jake Sampson
  • Bill Hollweg as Texas Holdem
  • Natasha Lathrop as Lucy Carter (episode 1.1 - episode 6.3)
  • Lyn Cullen as Lucy Carter (episode 6.4 - present)
  • David Sobkowiak as Morris Hartford
  • Elie Hirschman as the Announcer

Story Arcs[]

  1. "The Hyborean Gate" (5 episodes) written by Paul Mannering and Mark Kalita
  2. "The Tears of Ra" (4 episodes) written by Paul Mannering
  3. "The River of Woe" (4 episodes) written by Paul Mannering
  4. "The Death Stalkers" (4 episodes) written by David Sobkowiak
  5. "The Gods of War" (5 episodes) written by Bill Hollweg
  6. "The Roof of the World" (5 episodes) written by Mark Kalita

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