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Jessica Dromgoole is a director and producer for BBC Radio. For ten years, she worked as a freelance theatre director. She was also the literary manager of the Paines Plough Theatre Company, and from 1988-1991 the artistic director of the Finborough Theatre.

Work in Radio[]

In 1991, Jessica joined the BBC as the New Writing Coordinator for Drama, Entertainment and Children's Programmes. Five years later, she became a producer for the final season of BBC World Service soap opera Westway, after which she launched an Urdu-language soap opera in Pakistan, entitled Piyar ka Passport[1][2].

Since then, she has worked as a producer for BBC Radio, on such projects as Plantagenet, Arcadia, Dombey & Son, and Our Mutual Friend. In 2007, she won a Prix Italia for the play The Incomplete Recorded Works of a Dead Body by Ed Hime, and in 2009 co-created the acclaimed science-fiction series Planet B.

She has worked on radio projects with authors such as Mike Walker, Ed Hime, and frequently with Katie Hims, and co-directed several projects with Jeremy Mortimer.

In 2012, Dromgoole received the first-ever BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Audio Drama. The play was The Year My Mother Went Missing by Katie Hims.

Plays Produced/Directed[]

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