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Jessica Dromgoole is a director and producer for BBC Radio. For ten years, she worked as a freelance theatre director. She was also the literary manager of the Paines Plough Theatre Company, and from 1988-1991 the artistic director of the Finborough Theatre.

Work in Radio

In 1991, Jessica joined the BBC as the New Writing Coordinator for Drama, Entertainment and Children's Programmes. Five years later, she became a producer for the final season of BBC World Service soap opera Westway, after which she launched an Urdu-language soap opera in Pakistan, entitled Piyar ka Passport[1][2].

Since then, she has worked as a producer for BBC Radio, on such projects as Plantagenet, Arcadia, Dombey & Son, and Our Mutual Friend. In 2007, she won a Prix Italia for the play The Incomplete Recorded Works of a Dead Body by Ed Hime, and in 2009 co-created the acclaimed science-fiction series Planet B.

She has worked on radio projects with authors such as Mike Walker, Ed Hime, and frequently with Katie Hims, and co-directed several projects with Jeremy Mortimer.

In 2012, Dromgoole received the first-ever BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Audio Drama. The play was The Year My Mother Went Missing by Katie Hims.

Plays Produced/Directed

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