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Sir John Boorman (18 January 1933) is best known as a film director for films such as Point Blank (1967), Hell in the Pacific (1968), Deliverance (1972), Excalibur (1981), The Emerald Forest (1985), Hope and Glory (1987), The General (1998), and Queen and Country (2014).

Boorman received five Academy Award nominations, In 2004, he received the BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement. In 2022, received a knighthood. Boorman has been a longtime resident of Ireland.

Work in Radio[]

Since 2010, Boorman has written and directed several audiodramas for RTÉ Radio. Strarting with the trilogy of satires on modern Ireland formed by The Hit List, 2020 and After Life. He also wrote and directed Domestic Robots and his own monologue reading 'Nature Diary.

Radio plays[]

The Hit List (2010)

2020 (2012)

After Life (2012)

Domestic Robots (2018)

John Boorman's Nature Diary (2021)

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