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Jon Nicholls is a composer and sound designer working across theatre, film and especially radio drama. He's worked extensively with producers including Tim Dee, Neil Gardner, Melanie Harries, Judith Kampfner, Andy Jordan, Nadia Molinari, Sasha Yevtushenko and Jeremy Mortimer.

Radio dramas include:

Earthsea (Sasha Yevtushenko)

The Blast Of War (Tim Dee)

Five Fever Tales (Tim Dee)

The Broken Word (Tim Dee)

Pink Mist (Tim Dee)

Laurels and Donkeys (Tim Dee)

Erebus (Tim Dee)

In Memoriam (Tim Dee)

The Researches of Herodotus (Tim Dee)

Faust (Tim Dee)

The Quest (Tim Dee)

Babel's Tower (Tim Dee)

What I Heard About Iraq (Tim Dee)

The Time Machine (Jeremy Mortimer)

Spring Storm (Jeremy Mortimer)

Caesar Price our Lord (Nadia Molinari)

Between Friends (Nadia Molinari)

Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance (Melanie Harries)

The Ballad Of The Burning Boy (Melanie Harries)

It's Better With Animals (Judith Kampfner)

Warrior Class (Judith Kampfner)

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Andy Jordan)

At The Mountains Of Madness (Neil Gardner)

The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Neil Gardner)

The Tales Of Max Carrados (Neil Gardner)