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Last Call by Mike Walker
Directed by Mary Ward Lowery
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 10.05.2006
Play No 2 of a Series called Connecting - A series of plays about the impact of communication and information technology on our lives.


Sara is head of PR, in line for a directorship if she can prove herself with the company's plans to expand in Africa. But first she's got to handle a problem with the firm's contract in Uzbekistan. Sara begins to suspect the company could be involved in some sinister ways of using its technological know-how. She has to decide where her loyalties lie.


  • Sara....Su Lin Looi
  • Gray....Patrick Bridgman
  • Tim....Oliver J Hembrough
  • Richard....Mark Meadows
  • Carol....Lisa Coleman
  • Patrick....Robert Gwilym
  • Herrenvolk....Paul Humpoletz

Critical Reception[]