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Let Me is a radio play by Howard Barker, first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 1 October 2006. It was inspired by a letter by the ancient writer Sidonius.


Rome is in terminal decline as Barbarian migrations from Central Europe creep inexorably across the continent. Sixty-year-old Coppola is a retired Roman official whose family has owned their estate for generations.

After the looting of the local cemetery by the invaders, Coppola's plea for help from the town authorities earns only a reply that proves the territory has been abandoned.

Coppola's son and an old female servant arrive to persuade him to give up the estate and save his life. But, although he avoided conscription as young man, he now decides to brave the hordes without rather than surrender his property. Not even when the servant is caught leaving and tortured on his front lawn will he relent.

But fate hands Coppola a card when a barbarian child is caught after climbing into the house. With this hostage, he can perhaps survive.


  • Coppolla - Edward Petherbridge
  • Aphrodite - Barbara Jefford
  • Euclid - Andrew Woodall
  • Agricola - Sam Dale
  • Barbarian child - Emma Noakes

Directed by Peter Kavanagh