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Life of Penguins is a radio play by Katie Hims. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 26 June 2008, as an installment of the Afternoon Play[1].


Merle is a penguin keeper at London Zoo. When her sister Beth fails to make a date at the cinema, she goes searching for her. She soon realises that Beth has been abducted by aliens - not for the first time.


  • Merle ...... Abigail Davies
  • Linus ...... Matthew Wilson
  • Gina ...... Serena Bobowski
  • Frank ...... Dominic Hawksley
  • Beth ...... Madeleine Bowyer
  • Ania ...... Ania Tomaszewska
  • Chris ...... Chris Nelson
  • Directed by Boz Temple-Morris
  • Sound and Music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques
  • A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.

Critical Reception[]