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This List of Sherlock Holmes (1989 series) episodes summarizes the BBC Radio 4 dramatizations of the complete Sherlock Holmes stories, featuring Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Watson. Together, the two actors completed radio adaptations of every story in the canon between 1989 and 1998. The complete canonical run is available on CD and audio cassette.

A Study In Scarlet[]

Two one-hour episodes recorded October 1989, at BBC studios, Maida Vale, London and first broadcast on 5 and 12 November 1989.


Episode # Episode Title
1 "Revenge"
2 "In the Country of the Saints"

The Sign of the Four[]


Episode # Episode Title
1 "Timbertoe"
2 "The Great Agra Treasure"

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes[]


Episode # Episode Title[1]
1 "A Scandal in Bohemia"
2 "The Red-headed League"
3 "A Case of Identity"
4 "The Boscombe Valley Mystery"
5 "The Five Orange Pips"
6 "The Man with the Twisted Lip"
7 "The Blue Carbuncle"
8 "The Speckled Band"
9 "The Engineer's Thumb"
10 "The Noble Bachelor"
11 "The Beryl Coronet"
12 "The Copper Beeches"

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes[]


Peter Davison plays the part of Inspector Forester in "The Regiate Squires"

Episode # Episode Title[2]
1 "Silver Blaze"
2 "The Yellow Face"
3 "The Stockbroker's Clerk"
4 "The Gloria Scott"
5 "The Musgrave Ritual"
6 "The Reigate Squires"
7 "The Crooked Man"
8 "The Resident Patient"
9 "The Greek Interpreter"
10 "The Naval Treaty"
11 "The Final Problem"

The Hound of the Baskervilles[]


Williams' wife Judi Dench co-stars as Mrs Hudson.

Episode # Episode Title
1 "The Powers of Evil"
2 "Death On The Moor"

The Return of Sherlock Holmes[]


Episode # Episode Title[3]
1 "The Empty House"
2 "The Norwood Builder"
3 "The Dancing Men"
4 "The Solitary Cyclist"
5 "The Priory School"
6 "Black Peter"
7 "Charles Augustus Milverton"
8 "The Six Napoleons"
9 "The Three Students"
10 "The Golden Pince-nez"
11 "The Missing Three-quarter"
12 "The Abbey Grange"
13 "The Second Stain"

The Valley of Fear[]


Episode # Episode Title[4]
1 "The Scowlers" (The Valley of Fear part 1)
2 "The Tragedy of Birlstone" (The Valley of Fear part 2)

His Last Bow[]


Episode # Episode Title[5]
1 "Wisteria Lodge"
2 "The Cardboard Box"
3 "The Red Circle"
4 "The Bruce Partington Plans"
5 "The Dying Detective"
6 "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax"
7 "The Devil's Foot"
8 "His Last Bow"

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes[]


Episode # Episode Title[6]
1 "The Illustrious Client"
2 "The Blanched Soldier"
3 "The Mazarin Stone"
4 "The Three Gables"
5 "The Sussex Vampire"
6 "The Three Garridebs"
7 "The Problem of Thor Bridge"
8 "The Creeping Man"
9 "The Lion's Mane"
10 "The Veiled Lodger"
11 "Shoscombe Old Place"
12 "The Retired Colourman"

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes[]

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a new series consisting of original stories written exclusively by Bert Coules was then commissioned, but following Williams' death from cancer in 2001, he was replaced by Andrew Sachs. The episodes of The Further Adventures were based on throwaway references in Doyle's short stories and novels.

Four of the five original stories transmitted in 2002 are also available on audio cassette and CD, and four of the five original stories transmitted in 2004 are available on CD.

There are four series of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Bert Coules.


Episode # Episode Title[7]
1 "The Madness of Colonel Warburton"
2 "The Star of the Adelphi"
3 "The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Wilson"
4 "The Saviour of Cripplegate Square"
5 "The Abergavenny Murder"
6 "The Shameful Betrayal of Miss Emily Smith"
7 "The Determined Client"
8 "The Tragedy of Hanbury Street"
9 "The Striking Success of Miss Franny Blossom"
10 "The Thirteen Watches"
11 "The Peculiar Persecution Of Mr John Vincent Harden"
12 "The Ferrers Documents"
13 "The Remarkable Performance Of Mr Frederick Merridew"
14 "The Eyes Of Horus"
15 "The Marlbourne Point Mystery - Parts 1 and 2"


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