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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Directed by Gemma McMullan
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial - 26.02.2006 - 11.03.2006
2 x 60mins


Episode 1 - 26.02.2006 - A shadow is cast on Lord Arthur Savile's engagement to the lovely Sybil Merton after a palm reading by Mr Podgers, who confides to Lord Arthur that he saw 'murder' written on the gentleman's palm.
Episode 2 - 05.03.2006 - Lord Arthur sets about concocting the intricacies of a murder. But his fervent attempt at committing the crime is not as straightforward as he initially hoped. Will Lord Arthur ever be able to carry out his murderous destiny and fulfil his dream of marrying Sybil?


  • Lord Arthur....Rupert Penry-Jones
  • Sybil....Gillian Kearney
  • Podgers....David Bamber
  • Willet....David Bradley
  • Lady Windermere....Phyllida Law
  • Lady Clementina....Doreen Mantle
  • The General....Patrick Ryecart
  • Algy....Patrick Kennedy
  • Lane....Michael Kilgarriff
  • Policeman....David Holt
  • Archdeacon....Clive Swift
  • Rouveloff....Christopher Rozycki

Critical Reception[]