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Love and Animals, written by Philip Davison. Broadcast on 2010 at BBC World Service, RTE, CBC, ABC, RNZ in 2010. It was part of RTÉ DRAMA: Worldplay Season of Radio Drama, on august 2010


An absurdist drama about ruin and redemption.

Love and Animals documents the mid-life, mid-wife crisis of a concert-promoter whose personal relationships and professional revenues are in freefall. Assaulting (and battering) the creep who’s cuckolded him kick-starts a series of polite police-interviews with a senior detective who mutates gradually into a sort of spiritual father to his modest, middle-class trespasser.

Recorded introductionintroduction[]

This play is about a man who has come to believe that sustaining love is entirely based on his ability to provide cash. He is a capable and, at times, ruthless individual, but he is not without humanity. And now, he’s in trouble. In this story money and personal identity are intricately linked.

Some time ago, I read an article about a strange condition known as Capgras Syndrome. The sufferer believes loved-ones are interlopers. Imposters, out for some indeterminable gain. This struck me as a clear prism through which I might view one man’s trials, and see the new person coming through.

The play isn’t about the condition, rather, about somebody having to deal with it.

Something else that provided a useful perspective was my being randomly asked to take part in a police line-up – to be one of the known innocent parties, I hasten to add.

Again, the question of identity… the live, unfixed aspect of it.

Picture our man standing with an iron bar in his hand, trying to explain human nature and fiscal rectitude to a stray dog that won’t be chased away. A man trying to retrieve the moment when, as he puts it, he brushed his head on the underside of heaven.


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