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Maigret's Little Joke by Georges Simenon
Dramatized by Alison Joseph
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 10.05.2004

Episode 4 of a 4th series of Maigret dramatizations


When a particularly sensational murder takes place in Paris, Chief Inspector Maigret is on holiday and must follow the investigation like any member of the public, through newspapers and news flashes.
How can he keep his promise to Mme Maigret and let Inspector Janvier get on with solving the crime when he is haunted by the question: why the devil was the murdered woman naked?


  • Maigret....Nicholas Le Prevost
  • Simenon....Julian Barnes
  • Mme Maigret....Julie Legrand
  • Dr Pardon....Phillip Joseph
  • The Waiter....Philip Fox
  • Lassagne....Harry Myers
  • Martine Chapuis.... Jaimi Barbakoff
  • Young Woman at Next Table....Cherie Taylor-Battiste
  • Young Man at Next Table....Chris Moran
  • Mademoiselle Jusserand....Rachel Atkins
  • Victor.... Ioan Meredith

Critical Reception[]