Music Discrete by Henry Reed

Produced by Douglas Cleverdon

First broadcast BBC Third Programme on 27th October 1959
Repeated 21st November 1959
Repeated 10th April 1970
Music composed by Donald Swann

The music sung by cast, accompanied by Donald Swann (piano) and played by the London String Quartet and Stephen Whittaker (percussion). Musique Concrete arranged by Donald Swann and compiled in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.


The seventh and final play by Henry Reed concentrates on Hilda Tablet and her music. No longer plain 'Hilda' she is now 'Dame Hilda Tablet'.
The play takes the format of a radio request programme, with fictitious listeners having sent in their requests for Dame Hilda's music.

The CastEdit

Anna Pollak and Marion Studholme appeared by permission of the Sadler's Wells Opera Company

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