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Full-cast dramatisations of five Maeve Binchy short stories, adapted by Jessica Dromgoole.for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. They feature modern Irishwomen emerging from a culture where they knew their place into a more hazardous, but more rewarding light. Featuring a full cast including Niamh Cusack, Sam Dale and Harry Towb.

15 minues each


The Night People Came In For Something That Was No Trouble[]

Cara’s envy of another couple’s disingenuous ease at giving dinner parties spurs her to plan the perfect ‘casual’ evening down to the last detail – but things don’t go as she’d intended. 'Stars Niamh Cusack and Mark Straker.

The Stepson[]

The story sees Clare walking on eggshells, taking great care not to try to replace her stepson Simon’s dead mother: until she finally attempts to break through his hostile diffidence. Stars Niamh Cusack.

Decisions At Sea[]

Tessa's unconventional office raffle leads to a voyage with unexpected new horizons. Stars Niamh Cusack and John Dougall.

The Answer Machine[]

For Biddy, there was a time when a new-fangled device caused more problems for the family than it solved.

Biddy/Mother ...... Niamh Cusack

Young Biddy/Grianne ...... Siobhan O'Kelly

Nat/Brian's mate ...... Jonathan Forbes

Brian/Dry cleaner ...... Andrew Macklin

Father ...... Mark Straker

Geraldine ...... Rachel Bavidge

Father's mate ...... Sam Dale

Young Biddy's mate ...... Jasmine Callan

By The Time We Get To Clifden[]

Harry and Nessa are delighted with their routine, but how will they cope with needy neighbour Melly? Stars Niamh Cusack.