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OAKPODCAST is a serial audio drama and alternate reality game following a dispossessed autistic spy, codenamed Holly. The story is told through a series of transmissions to Holly's former partner, Oak, and other members of Yule Team. Listeners can influence the progression of the story by sending Holly money or advice.

OAKPODCAST is written, produced, and voiced by Regan Adler. She posts in-character as Holly on the official Tumblr, Twitter, and Patreon Discord Channel. Regan and other actors frequently chat with fans on the official Discord server. More information can be found on the website and Wiki.

Episodes can be found on iTunes, Google Play, RSS feed, and Stitcher. Bonus episodes are posted on Patreon for all supporters $1+.

Cast and Crew

Regan Adler as Holly, Oak, Writer, Producer, and Audio Engineer

James Oliva as General Willard

Sarah Golding as Camellia

Tina Daniels as Creative Advisor, Writer, and Technology Specialist

Muciojad as Composer

“Otter” as Ivy

Veronica “Sharky” McShell-Adler as General Leia Janeway