Object Of Insane Desire by Marcy Kahan
Directed by David Hitchinson
BBC World Service - 04.03.2006

Plot[edit | edit source]

The play, which skips along in verse, brings to life the comedy, pathos, excitement and peculiar sadness involved in buying shiny, expensive objects.
Vikram is a salesman, Celia a garrulous laptop computer in a shop window in London's Tottenham Court Road. They've developed a relationship, but now she's the last example of the model in the shop and Vikram, tormented by the vapidity and insincerity of his job, has one day to make the sale.
Who will buy her? An eccentric cast of characters, including a blocked writer and pubescent urbanite, make their bid but who will win the consumer race for their heart's desire in this remarkable, quirky play from the pen of a masterful writer for radio.

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