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Omega by Mike Walker

  • Original music composed and played by David Chiltern
  • BBC World Service (for World Play season)
  • Worldplay Awards, 2002 Best script, best production


Omega takes us into a fascinating and disturbing vision of the near future, where the most human and endearing character we meet has, it transpires, no real existence at all...
John Stone is a civil engineer, building what is going to be the world's tallest tower -- a "visionary city" above the cloud line over London. He is a man happy in his work and supported by a loving wife and daughter. Then John discovers faith. He does so as a result of what is plainly a miracle. But did a miracle really take place? What if John's whole life is a fiction?
A disturbing tale of science and faith, maths and miracles, love and machines, set in the near future.


  • Penelope Wilton
  • Sarah Jane Holm
  • David Calder
  • Helen Longworth
  • Philip Voss
  • Carl Prekopp

Critical Reception[]

Worldplay Awards, 2002 Best script, best production