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Oscar Night

Radio play written by Alan McMonagle. Oscar Night was shortlisted for PJ O'Connor Drama Award. Broadcast January 19 2014 on RTE Radio One


It’s Oscar Night in the home of aging sisters Annabelle and Miranda. The Oscar Ceremony has become an annual ritual and the two sisters like to make the most of the occasion. That is, until this year’s broadcast is interrupted by a young man making a fast escape from a police van transferring him to a new prison. The felon is in need of some quick cash, a getaway car and, as he is famished, a bowl of hot soup. His eyes light up when he stumbles into the home of the elderly sisters. This is one prison break that will go without a hitch…or is it…


The author on the play:

My first radio play was called Oscar Night. It featured two (seemingly) sweet old ladies and their annual ritual of watching the Academy Awards Ceremony. On this particular 'Oscar night' their viewing is interrupted by an escaped felon who thinks he has landed on his feet. Little does he realize how swiftly the tables are about to be turned on him. Transmitted early in 2014 and directed by Gorretti Slavin, it featured veterans of stage and screen, Áine Ní Mhuirí and Máire Hastings, along with star-in-the-making Emmet Kirwan in the role of Oscar.

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