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Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jessica Dromgoole
Music by Roger Goula
BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour Drama
20 x 15mins episodes broadcast from 09.11.2009 to 04.12.2009

An evocative dramatization of the Dickens classic.


  • Episode 01 09.11.2009 A father and daughter on the Thames at night, and tied to their boat a lifeless shape bobs in the water.
  • Episode 02 10.11.2009 How old John Harmon made his money out of rubbish, and the will he left to spite his son.
  • Episode 03 11.11.2009 With young John Harmon presumed drowned, the Boffins have inherited old Harmon's fortune.
  • Episode 04 12.11.2009 Silas Wegg, a literary man with a wooden leg, finds employment with the Golden Dustman.
  • Episode 05 13.11.2009 There is a rumour on the river that Gaffer Hexam might have had a hand in John Harmon's death.
  • Episode 06 16.11.2009 Bella Wilfer, whose life has become decidedly more comfortable, confides in her father.
  • Episode 07 17.11.2009 A new life for Lizzie Hexam, a new mentor for Charlie, and new complications.
  • Episode 08 18.11.2009 Wegg comes to an agreement with Venus, as Bradley tries to do likewise with Eugene Wrayburn.
  • Episode 09 19.11.2009 John Rokesmith sets about straightening his very untidy life.
  • Episode 10 20.11.2009 Bradley Headstone has a very clear picture of his future, and enlists Charlie Hexam to help him achieve it.
  • Episode 11 23.11.2009 Bella visits her parents and tries her hand at cooking, with mixed results.
  • Episode 12 24.11.2009 Rogue Riderhood comes face to face with fate on a dark Thames night.
  • Episode 13 25.11.2009 Silas Wegg is determined to find a copy of old Harmon's will.
  • Episode 14 26.11.2009 Lizzie Hexam and Bella Wilfer meet at last, at a funeral in a country churchyard.
  • Episode 15 27.11.2009 Impetuous and headstrong Bella Wilfer finally takes a stand.
  • Episode 16 30.11.2009 Eugene heads upstream looking for Lizzie, unaware of the man in the shadows. Boffin, meanwhile, has an appointment with Wegg.
  • Episode 17 01.12.2009 Eugene finds Lizzie, but it looks as if John may have lost Bella.
  • Episode 18 02.12.2009 Two declarations of love that couldn't be more different, as John, Bella, Eugene and Lizzie's streams cross.
  • Episode 19 03.12.2009 Charlie visits Bradley for the last time, and Mortimer Lightwood meets John Rokesmith for what should be the first.
  • Episode 20 04.12.2009 Truths that seemed drowned finally come to the surface.

Critical Reception[]