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Picasso and Chips is a radio play by Dave Sheasby. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 03 March 2001 as an installment of the Saturday Play[1].


The discovery in France of a drawing of Picasso's first lover Fernande brings together small-time Rotherham art dealer Christopher Sanderson and earthy fish and chip shop proprietors Reg and Edna Mullins in an international story of intrigue and wealth.


  • Christopher - Geoffrey Whitehead
  • Mde. Rouvel - Phyllida Law
  • Claude - Clive Swift
  • Edna - Rachel Davies
  • Reg - John Hartley
  • Lomas - Kenny Blyth
  • Williamson - Thomas Arnold
  • Julia - Jennie Stoller

Directed by David Hunter

Critical Reception[]