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Red Panda Adventures is an audio drama produced by Decoder Ring Theatre. Set in 1930s-40s Toronto, the series follows the adventures of "Canada's Greatest Super-Hero" the Red Panda and his sidekick the Flying Squirrel. The series began in October 2005 and runs 12 episodes per season. The series is written by Gregg Taylor and has spawned a series of spin-off novels, "Tales of the Red Panda," also written by Taylor.


  • Gregg Taylor as the Red Panda/August Fenwick
  • Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor as the Flying Squirrel/Kit Baxter
  • Peter Nicol as Dr. Chronopolis, Kid Chaos
  • Brian Vaughn as Andy Parker, The Genie
  • Shannon Arnold as Harry Kelly (seasons 2-6)
  • Scott Moyle as Harry Kelly (season 7), The Electric Eel/Simon Radford
  • Steven Burley as the Announcer, Mordriel the Malevolent
  • Christopher Mott as The Mad Monkey/Anton Creswell, John Doe/John Archer
  • Michael Booth as Chief O'Malley, The Poet
  • Peter Higginson as The Stranger/Maxwell Falcone
  • M. John Kennedy as Professor Von Schlitz, Professor Hex, The Rat Lord, The Sphinx
  • Andrea Lyons as Professor Zombie/Antonia Zombanistro, Mother Hen
  • Julie Florio as Jack Rabbit


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