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Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C.Clarke
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Produced by Marc Beeby
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial - 01.03.2009 - 08.03.2009
2 x 60mins episodes


  • Episode 1 - 01.03.2009 - When the mysterious space object known as Rama appears in the solar system, the crew of the SV Endeavour are sent to investigate.
  • Episode 2 - 08.03.2009 - What is the secret at the heart of the space object known as Rama and why, years after the event, has Commander William Norton never spoken about what he found there?


  • Aruna Calvert - Archie Panjabi
  • Erl King - .Peter Marinker
  • Gerry....Inam Mirza
  • Henning....Paul Rider
  • Indira Gopal....Shelley King
  • Jimmy pak....Robert Lonsdale
  • Laura Ernst....Ania Sowinski
  • Li Kwok....Paul Courtenay Hyu
  • Pieter Rousseau....Jimmy Akingbola
  • Ruby Barnes....Janice Acquah
  • Tamara Ruiz....Jill Cardo
  • Tan Sun....Jonathan Tafler
  • William Norton....Richard Dillane

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