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Resurrection is a radio play by Andrew Rissik, the third play in his trilogy about the origins of Christianity. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 11 April 2004. The running time is 90 minutes[1].


The Passion of Christ.


  • Yeshua Ben Youssef - Anton Lesser
  • Pontius Pilate - David Calder
  • Mary of Magdala - Julia Ford
  • Caiaphas - Sam Dastor
  • Shimon Annas - Raad Rawi
  • Nicodemus - John Rowe
  • Claudia Procla - Mia Soteriou
  • Titus Flavius - Chris Moran


  • James Hayes
  • Jon Glover
  • Danny Sapani
  • Music by Mia Soteriou, performed by Steve Bentley Kline, Merlin Shepherd and William Lyons
  • Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

Critical Reception[]

"The thrill of the piece is that it makes you believe you are eavesdropping on Pilate and Christ in the great unrecorded conversation of history. Far from being meek and mild, this Christ is angry, forceful, disconcerting and very real.

Resurrection brings you up against the cold, creepily familiar reality of Jewish politics. It also projects a Christ as an immensely supple thinker, who insists that to understand we must first listen - a perfect philosophy for radio … The Royal Shakespeare Company, which is planning a drama about Pontius Pilate this summer, has surely missed a trick in not snapping up Resurrection - a smashing follow-up to Potter's Son of Man for the new century." (Robert Gore Langton, The Times)[2].