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Rio Story is a radio play by Chris Thorpe. It was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 16 March 2012, as an installment of Friday Drama. The running time is 60 minutes [1].


A pregnant 14-year old girl is trapped in the apartment of a corrupt ex-cop.


  • Luis ..... Julio Adriao
  • Sidney .... Danilo Moraes
  • Fabricio ..... Andre Cursino
  • Pastor John ...... Tatsu Carvalho
  • Marcelo ..... Charles Paraventi
  • Luciano ..... Renan Monteiro
  • Angela ..... Olivia Emes
  • Rafael ...... Matheus Oliveira
  • Liza ..... Julia Bernat
  • Felipe ...... Fernando Arze
  • Other parts ......Tecca Ferreira

  • Casting: Ana Dias Carter and Estela Albani
  • Production coordinator: Jazmin Castillo
  • Sound design: Steve Bond
  • Producer in Brazil: Jan Roldanus
  • Music by Sacha Puttnam
  • Directed by John Dryden


Recorded on location in Vidigal favela, Rio de Janeiro. It was produced in association with GreenGo Films and the Nos Do Morro theatre group, and is a Goldhawk Production for the BBC.

Critical Reception[]