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SOS is a radio series by Katie Hims. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2006 as part of the Woman's Hour Drama [1].


Charting the history of one family and their long relationship with the sea.


Episode Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "1913 Nightswimming" 30 October 2006 When Leonard Baker Eddy proposes emigrating to America, Alice can't contain her fear of the sea.
  • Marina....Claire Rushbrook
  • Leonard....Jonathan Forbes
  • Alice....Rebecca Callard
  • Mrs Winslet....Rosalind Philips
  • Marconi Op....John Dougall
02 "1942 Blow the Wind Southerly" 31 October 2006 Submarine Commander Joseph Winslet is at home at the bottom of the sea - far more so than with his mother, whose outrageously selfish act in 1913 has denied him any true family.
  • Marina....Claire Rushbrook
  • Leonard....David Bradley
  • Joe....Jonathan Forbes
  • Frank....John Dougall
  • Loretta....Elizabeth Bell
03 "1956 The Crest of A Wave" 01 November 2006 Billy Sharp is shocked to discover that his father was a wartime submarine commander. He defies his mother Pearl's ban on all things maritime to follow his heart.
  • Marina....Claire Rushbrook
  • Billy....Samuel Ripman
  • Pearl....Lisa Stevenson
  • Norbut....Connor Byrne
  • Mr Battersby....Lee Ross
04 "1982 Footprints in the Sand" 02 November 2006 Marina Winslet shares her father's love of the sea and wishes he would take him with her on his adventures - until he does. With Claire Rushbrook, Lee Ross, Isabella Parriss, and Lisa Stevenson.
05 "2006 Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea" 03 November 2006 Marina's nana Pearl has never seen the sea, and Marina never wants to again.

But they start to question what else their lives hold for them. With Claire Rushbrook, Anna Wing, Lee Ross, and Joseph Kloska

Directed by Jessica Dromgoole

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