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Sacred Statues is a radio play by William Trevor. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 22 May 2002, as an installment of the Saturday Play[1].


Gifted Sculptor Corry is struggling to make ends meet for his pregnant wife Nuala and their children. He may be left with no choice but to sacrifice his beautiful statue carving and take a labouring job. Surely, Nuala reckons, there must be a way to safeguard his talent? She must find a way...


  • Nuala - Eileen Walsh
  • Corry - Gary Lydon
  • Mrs Falloway - Judy Parfitt
  • Etty - Ger Ryan
  • Mr Renne - Kieran Lagan
  • Boys - Adam Maul and Davis Best

Produced by Gemma McMullan

Critical Reception[]