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Scam is a radio play by John Arden. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio on 14 April 2007, as an installment of the Saturday Play. The running time is 72 minutes[1].


Cressida Owlglass has just discovered information technology. Beguiled by the novelty of cyber-magic, she finds herself facing a new kind of challenge when a dubious email lands in her inbox. She goes in pursuit of her anonymous correspondent, but the game takes a dark turn.


  • Cressida Owlglass - Kika Markham
  • Henrietta Clump - Deborah Findlay
  • Det Insp Pike - Emma Amos
  • Supt.Pybus - Neil Dudgeon
  • Charles Clump - Bernard Kay
  • Colonel Black - Robin Soans
  • Jude Hawkshaw - Tom Fisher
  • Voice of Scam - Jon Glover
  • Grote - Stephen Matthews
  • 1st Boy - William McCaughran
  • 2nd Boy - Ronat Patel
  • 3rd Boy - Tim Lintern

Directed by Roland Jaquarello

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