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Scumdog Millionaires by Mike Walker

  • Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
  • BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour Drama - 14.12.2009
  • 5 x 15mins episodes
  • A financial thriller.


  • Episode 1 - 14.12.2009 - When disgraced City trader Tim Ng is offered immunity from prosecution by the FSA, he is alarmed to discover what it is they want in return.
  • Episode 2 - 15.12.2009 - Though disgraced City trader Tim Ng has been offered immunity from prosecution, his ransacked apartment suggests he is not quite out of the woods.
  • Episode 3 - 16.12.2009 - After Tim's visit to Grant Brunner, someone ran him off the road and tried to kill him. He decides to pay Brunner another visit to find out why.
  • Episode 4 - 17.12.2009 - Disgraced City trader Tim Ng has been offered immunity from persecution by the FSA, but it soon becomes clear that the real subject of their investigations is Tim's father, a billionaire banker living in Hong Kong.
  • Episode 5 - 18.12.2009 - Tim's father appeals to stop the investigations into his alleged unlimited derivatives, but it appears that Tim may already know too much for his own safety.


  • Tim Ng....David Tse Ka-Shing
  • Angela Chapman....Lizzie Mcinnerny
  • Kathy....Michelle Tate
  • Mother....Pik-sen Lim
  • Grant Brunner/Politician....Nigel Hastings
  • Spook/York....Rhys Jennings
  • Father....Lobo Chan
  • Gerry....Nigel Hastings
  • Selma Giddings/Restaurateur....Kate Leyden

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