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Back in 2004, RTÉ Drama on One invited writers Maeve Binchy, Aidan Mathews, Paula Meehan, Mannix Flynn, Patrick McCabe, John Banville and Eamon Kelly to write a series of plays on each of Jaques’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ speech in the form of dramatic monologues.

Shakespeare says that "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players". Jaques (pro Jakes), in As You Like It, outlines the parts men play as they cycle through the seven stages and ages in their lives - Infancy, The Whining School-boy, The Lover, The Soldier, The Justice, The Lean and Slippered Pantaloon, and eventually into Second Childishness.


Infancy by Maeve Binchy

The Whiling Schoolboy by Aidan Mathews

The Lover by Paula Meehan

The Soldier by Mannix Flynn

The Justice by Patrick McCabe

The Lean and Slippered Pantaloon by John Banville

Second Childishness by Eamon Kelly