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Some Mother's Son is a radio serial by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 starting on 4 January 1987. It comprised six 30 minute episodes[1] .


A thriller.


  • Nick Chilvers
  • Conrad Phillips
  • Christian Rodsk

Directed by [[]]

Critical Reception[]

"Last night saw the end of one of the more engaging thriiler serials of recent months or even years. In John fletcher's Some Mother's Son Andy Smith, editor of a small time ecological magazine, found himself sandwiched in a ruthless power struggle between two gargantuan business empires both run by scheming, sadistic megalomaniacs. Accordingly it did him no good when he discovered evidence of uranium smuggling to an already sufficiently unstable African dictator. Mr Fletcher (they called you things like that in the old days at t' Times) told a good story, laced it with bizarre incidents and couched it all in springy, stylish dialogue. The radio thriller has looked up." David Wade, The Times