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Song of the Forest is a radio play by Tina Pepler. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 16 July 1990 as an installment of the Monday Play, and won a Giles Cooper Award that same year. It was also the official BBC entry for the Morishge Award International Radio Drama contest, 1991, in addition to being nominated for a Sony Award. The length is 75 minutes[1].


Soon after her marriage Helena is paralyzed in a diving accident. Jacu, a monkey from the Amazonian rain forest, is trained to help paraplegics. But inside the primate is the the soul of a South American Indian girl.


  • Helena - Maureen O'Brien
  • Jacu - Mamta Kaash
  • Laurette - Shelley Thompson
  • Harry - Bill Wallis
  • Bernie - Peter Whitman
  • Mother - June Barrie
  • Sister Marina - Ann Morrish
  • Lizzie - Susan Sheridan
  • Jonathan - Stephen Garlick
  • Sam/Surgeon - Vincent Brimble

Critical Reception[]


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