The Power Records Space: 1999 series is a series of audio dramas based on the TV series and produced for children's records in the 1970s. Stories consisted of adaptations of TV episodes as well as new, original tales. They were released in several combinations and sometimes included a comic book of the story.

Space: 1999 was a UK-produced science fiction series that ran for two seasons from 1975 to 1977. Its events begin in September 1999 when a giant explosion of nuclear waste sends the moon - and a research base with hundreds of people - hurtling out of orbit and into deep space. The show's pilot episode was among those adapted by Power Records.


  • Breakaway
  • Death's Other Dominion
  • Mission of the Darians
  • Return to the Beginning
  • End of Eternity
  • Dragon's Domain
  • It Played So Softly on the Ear

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