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Steve Hodson (born Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, 5 November 1947) is a British actor who is best known for playing the role of Steve Ross in the children's TV seriesFollyfoot and for his work in radio[1].

Hodson was working as a Civil Servant in Bradford when he won a place at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. From then he began appearing in roles on stage and later in television, appearing in The Grievance and The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. In 1971, he auditioned for role of Steve in Follyfoot, but was initially unsuccessful. Another actor was employed, but later dismissed and Hodson received the call to say he had now got the part.[2] He appeared in all three series of its run, from 1971 to 1973. During this period there was a Steve Hodson fan club.[3] In January 1973 he released a single called "Crystal Bay", written by Maurice Gibb and Billy Lawrie.[4]

Hodson appeared in a number of television series over the next few years, including All Creatures Great and Small and a six-episode children's series, Break in the Sun.[5]

Hodson continues to act and works regularly as a voice artist on radio and for audio books, including work with Christian Rodska, his co-star in Follyfoot.[6] Hodson married his wife, Rosamund, soon after finishing in Follyfoot, and they had two daughters.[7]

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