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Strangers on a train2

Strangers On A Train by Patricia Highsmith
Dramatized by Craig Warner
Directed by Andy Jordan
BBC Radio 4 - Cinema 100 Season - 25.01.1996


Adapted from the classic 1950 Highsmith novel. Architect Guy Haines wants to divorce his unfaithful wife, Miriam, in order to marry the woman he loves. While on a train to see his wife, he meets Charles Anthony Bruno, who develops the idea to exchange murders: Bruno will kill Miriam if Guy kills Bruno's father; neither of them will have a motive, and the police will have no reason to suspect either of them.


  • Charles - Anton Lesser
  • Guy - Michael Sheen
  • Anne - Saskia Reeves
  • Gerard - Bill Nighy
  • Elsie - Jane Whittenshaw
  • Alex - Denys Hawthorne
  • Treacher - Stephen Critchlow
  • Cop - John Hartley
  • Freyer - Andrew Branch
  • Myers - Roger May

  • Directed by Andy Jordan

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