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Sunny Side Up is a radio comedy series by Scott Cherry, who wrote the first series. The second series was written by Dave Sheasby. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio in 1999, with the second series in 2000[1].


Comedy series set in the world barbershop quartets.


  • Keith Barron
  • Bryan Pringle
  • Clive Swift

Directed by Clive Brill

Series One[]

  • Written by Scott Cherry
Episode Number Broadcast Date Summary
01 12 February 1999 The Glee Boys are one of Nottingham's leading barbershop quartets, but can they continue to survive without their lead singer?
02 19 February 1999 The Glee Boys begin the search for a new lead singer. But once they find him, will they be able to hold on to him?
03 26 February 1999 The Glee Boys decide to try out their new singer at a huge wedding reception, but how will he get over his nerves?
04 05 March 1999 The Glee Boys are about to be offered a paid tour by Rita Reeves. But are they up to it at their ages? And does Bill Bailey have an ulterior motive?
05 12 March 1999 The Glee Boys enter the final barbershop heats before the big final at Harrogate. Bill still hopes to win the heart of Rita Reeves.


Series Two[]

Episode Number Broadcast Date Summary
01 14 June 2000 The Glee Boys, now national champions, have to decide whether or not to continue the struggle to keep in close harmony.
02 21 June 2000 Lionel and Daphne try to go wrestling together, and the Glee Boys throw everything to the wind in an alfresco concert.
03 28 June 2000 The Glee Boys get a strange job in the local shopping centre. Daphne and Lionel go on their first date - will this mean romance for Bill and Rita too?
04 05 July 2000 When the Glee Boys are asked to perform at a funeral of a family friend, Bill Bailey comes face to face with an old flame he thought he had extinguished years ago.
05 12 July 2000 The Glee Boys are invited to Spain to perform for an over-60s Friends of Yorkshire club. Featuring the first ever barbershop-style performance of `Ilkley Moor'.
06 19 July 2000 The Glee Boys open Mr Panache, Nottingham's latest range of trendy hairdressers. Bill Bailey finally has to make a choice between the two women in his life.

Critical Reception[]