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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Superman, BBC Radio 4 produced Superman on Trial, a drama about Metropolis’ superhero. Written and directed by Dirk Maggs, this story was partly based on Superman: Last Son of Krypton and some early issues of Adventures of Superman.


Poisoned with Kryptonite and put on trial for causing as many disasters as he prevents, Superman must relive his past as his closest friends as allies try to save him from eternal imprisonment in the Phantom Zone.


  • Stuart Milligan as Superman
  • Lorelei King as Lois Lane
  • William Hootkins as Lex Luthor
  • Leon Herbert as Ganthet
  • Bob Sessions as Batman
  • Vincent Marzello as Jimmy Olsen
  • David Graham as Jonathan Kent
  • Shelley Thompson as Lana Lang
  • Dick Vosburgh as Jor-El
  • Jane Wittenshaw as Lara
  • Garrick Hagon as Newscaster
  • Adam West as Himself
  • Jenette Kahn as Herself
  • Dave Gibbons as Himself

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