Sword of Honour by Evelyn Waugh
Dramatized by Barry Campbell
Directed by Jane Graham
Technical assisstance by (?) Smith, Anthea Davis, David Hitchinson and Lloyd Silverthorn (?)
Title music played by the Royal Corps of Transport
Director of Music Major William Allan
BBC Radio 4 - Serial - 04.08.1974 to 13.10.1974
11 Episodes x 55mins

Dramatization of the three books, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen, and Unconditional Surrender, which form the Sword of Honour Trilogy, Evelyn Waugh's powerful account of the misery of war.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Returning to England from Italy just before the outbreak of World War II, aristocrat Guy Crouchback takes up a commission in the army.

Part 1 - An émigré aristocrat returns to England at the prospect of war.
Part 2 - With Crouchback disgraced, the fearsome Brigadier appears.
Part 3 - Confusion reigns following the arrival of the 'thunderbox'.
Part 4 - All leave is cancelled and Guy finds himself leading the men.
Part 5 - Guy Crouchback is given a special task to complete.
Part 6 - Botched missions to France and the press perception of the army for Guy to face.
Part 7 - The feckless Major Hound is at a total loss in the midst of rearguard action.
Part 8 - Amiable Guy Crouchback confronts the horror and banality of war.
Part 9 - Guy's father dies but he finally meets the man who saved his life.
Part 10 - A fresh influx of recruits causes irritation to Commandant Ludovic.
Part 11 - Guy's experience of the crushing terror and banality of war comes to an end.

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