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The Amazing Spider-Man is an audio drama written and directed by Dirk Maggs and produced for BBC Radio 1. The theme music is by Brian May, the guitarist for Queen. The series ran for 50 episodes of approximately 3 minutes in length from January to March of 1995. Loosely based on Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's early comics, the series also features the Fantastic Four.



  1. It's Clobberin' Time!
  2. Here Comes the Human Torch!
  3. Get a Life, Parker!
  4. Ouch, It Bit Me!
  5. Jeepers, My Zit's Gone!
  6. That's the Greatest Act I've Ever Seen
  7. This Guy Could Be a Threat
  8. I'm Strictly in It for the Cash!
  9. Spiderman Should Be Banned!
  10. Uncle Ben's Dead and It's My Fault!
  11. Look, Up on the Wall!
  12. Spidey, You're Box Office Poison!
  13. Can I Cash This Check, Please?
  14. Doctor Octopus? In There ...?
  15. Hey! You're Talkin' to a Superhero!
  16. The Good Doc Has Flipped His Lid!
  17. I Ain't Dyin', I'm Spiderman!
  18. I Think He's Sorta Cute!
  19. Goodybye, Spiderman!
  20. I Blew It!
  21. I'm Spider-Man, I Wanna Join You
  22. There's a Nice Boy Under that Mask!
  23. I'm the Sandman
  24. Find Me a Fresh Pair of Pants
  25. These Kids are My Hostages
  26. I Can't Pull Free
  27. Say Ya Prayers, Web Head!
  28. Take Your Shot, Bookworm!
  29. I Ain't the Thing Anymore
  30. Ben, You Okay?
  31. Enter the Green Goblin
  32. Greetings, Web-Spinners
  33. I'm a Pumpkin Bomb
  34. Spiderman Turned Chicken
  35. I am Prince Namor
  36. I Will Return to Atlantis
  37. Admiral! The Prisoner's Escaped
  38. Farewell, My Love
  39. Stop That Aircraft!
  40. That's No Torpedo!
  41. Doctor Doom Has Returned
  42. What a Disgrace!
  43. Welcome Home Submariner!
  44. Catch Me Spider-Man!
  45. We All Know Where Doom Is!
  46. Kill the Idiot in the Spider-Suit!
  47. The War Has Started!
  48. Help Me, Doctor Doom!
  49. Spidey! You're My Hero!
  50. I Will Have My Revenge!

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