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Children of Witchwood is a radio serial by Wally K. Daly. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2005 in five episodes of 30 minutes each.


An eerie story of strange powers and the mysterious Cranford family.


  • Jackie Lamont - Wendy Baxter
  • Mandy Lamont - Emily Chennery
  • Sean Lamont - Scott Gray
  • Mother - Jilly Bond
  • Sergeant/B.Q. Brown - Michael Cochrane
  • Jason Cranford - Laurence Saunders
  • Cheever Cranford - Jess Thomas
  • Becky Cranford - Becky Wright
  • WPC Polly Bowle - Lorraine Coady
  • DC Danny Sparks - Daniel Settatree

Directed by Jenny Stephens


Episode Number Broadcast Date Summary
1 03 January 2005 A student at a local college goes missing. Is it the work of the mysterious Cranford family?
2 04 January 2005 Jackie Lamont suddenly reappears. With telepathic powers.
3 05 January 2005 The Cranford Family have a carefully guarded secret - their surviving descendants possess supernatural abilities.
4 06 January 2005 Is there a connection between Jackie Lamont and six children burnt as witches in the 17th Century?
5 07 January 2005 Jackie's powers attract the attention of the Cranfords.


Critical Reception[]