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  • The DJ who Used to Be a Nun's Tale by Marcy Kahan
  • Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
  • BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 24.10.2000
  • Part of the "2000 Tales" series which celebrated the 600th anniversary of Chaucer's death.


When a group of travellers take shelter from a storm in a motorway service station, they soon find that everyone has a story to tell.
Episode 2 of "2000 Tales" included `The DJ who Used to Be a Nun's Tale' by Marcy Kahan; `The Old Wife's Tale' by Peter Sansom, `The Banker's Tale' by Rukhsana Ahmad and `The Old Girl's Tale' by Kara Miller.


  • Zita Sattar
  • Robert Glenister
  • Frances Tomelty
  • Eleanor Bron
  • Elizabeth Spriggs
  • Priyanga Elan