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The Dark House by Mike Walker
Produced by Izzy Many and Nick Ryan
BBC Radio - 23.09.2003


A ground-breaking interactive drama.
Three people are trapped in a haunted building.
Listeners voted to decide whose perspective would be heard at every moment in a chilling ghost story.
Extract from Radio Times: "No-one can alter the fate of the three characters in a haunted house in this interactive drama, but listeners can change how they hear events unfold. "The drama will keep jumping from one character's point of view to another in response to the audience" says co-producer Izzy Mant. "Listeners can 'phone or text in at any point in the drama, and as many times as they like, to say which perspective they want to hear next."
In effect, the drama has been recorded in three different versions, each one from the point of view of a different character. With some newly created technology to collate all of the votes and switch the action every few minutes, the audience will shape its own chilling tale...... its impact is heightened for listeners in stereo by a binaural recording techniqu which produces a three-dimensional effect. The entire recording will be available to listeners to produce their individual versions after the broadcast."


  • Claudie Blakley
  • Alan Ford
  • Connie Gurie

Critical Reception[]