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The Exorcism is a radio play by Don Taylor, based on the television play of the same name, written and directed by Taylor. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio in 1992[1].


A sinister tale of a group of friends trapped in a cottage at Christmas. Dan and Margaret have come to spend Christmas with Rachael and Edmund in their newly renovated 17th Century labourer's cottage. Margaret gives them a present of a primitive African wood carving, depicting a woman in childbirth - a fertility symbol. Rachael, who loves Baroque music, has been given a Christmas present of a harpsichord from Edmund. Later as she plays, she suddenly gets a sinister feeling of déjà vu. Shortly afterwards, all the electricity fails. A power cut? Perhaps, but the phone is also out-of-order. This sets in motion an unstoppable series of macabre events, which mount to a terrifying climax.


  • Kenneth Haigh [Edmund]
  • Sara Kestelman [Margaret]
  • Susan Fleetwood [Rachel]
  • Peter Pendry-Jones [Newsreader]
  • Music by Herbert Chappell

Critical Reception[]


The Exorcism....1992