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Written by Bernard Farrell and directed by John Penrose, The Final Whistle was first broadcast by RTÉ Radio 1 on 31 December 1991. Later re broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 8th July 1993

Jim Reid played the part of Danny and Brendan Ó Dúill that of Bill

The Final Whistle' was voted 1993's Best Radio Play on BBC Radio 4's 'Pick of the Year', and was the first complete radio drama bought by the BBC from RTÉ. It was also RTÉ's entry in the 1992 Prix Italia.


Danny wakes up confused. He thought he was in hospital, recovering from a heart attack, but now he's not so sure.


Danny Hegarty: Jim Reid

Mauro Hegarty: Colette Proctor

Sharon: Sian Quill

Danny's Mother: Laurie Morton

Auntie Lily: Pegg Monahan

Auntie Alice: Daphne Carroll

Ellen: Patricia Martin

Sister Agnes: Barbara McCaughey

Da: Breandan O Duill

Bill: Brendan Cauldwell

Nurse Ryan: Cathryn Brennan

Mike Magwre: Jonathan White

Mr Parhnson: Conor Farrington

Dr Godfrey: Garvan McGrath

Young Danny: Darren McHugh