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The Great Chocolate Murders is a radio play by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 04 March 2006, as an installment of the Saturday Play[1].


Obsessive love, poison, bad drains, royalty, murder and chocolate, set in 19th-century Brighton. Based on a true story.


  • Christiana Edmunds - Sian Thomas
  • Jacob Ormsley - Chris Donnelly
  • Dr Beard - Dorien Thomas
  • Mr Hallet - Brendan Charleson
  • Mrs Beard - Angela Barlow
  • Armand/Isaac - Iwan Tudor
  • Alex Maclaine - Derek Riddell
  • Billy - Jordan Clarke
  • Sam - Robert Connor
  • Journalist - Gaz Williams
  • Counsel - Dyfrig Morris

Directed by Kate McAll

Critical Reception[]

"Death by Chocolate" is often offered on menus as a satisfying way to finish a meal. This drama presents the humble cocoa bean as the means for more grisly ends.

In 19th century Brighton people are falling ill from what is assumed to be cholera caused by the lack of decent sewerage. However, a bitter spinster knows different. Spurned by the object of her affection, she cooks up a plan to inflict pain au chocolat.

Drawing on a true story of poisoner Christiana Edmunds, writer John Fletcher whips up a rich confection of loucheness folded into corruption, sprinkled with adultery and all wrapped up in one woman's obsessive love. Delicious.

The Independent.