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'The Grey Goose of Kilnevin' was a six-part serialisation by Kieran Sheedy of the Patricia Lynch book of the same name, directed by RTÉ Head of Radio Drama Kieran Sheedy . The first episode was broadcast on 13 April 1985,


Betsy is a grey goose who leaves the farmyard and goes off to the Fair. On the way, she makes friends with Sheila, who was sent to Bridgie Swallow for butter. As they travel, they meet Fergus and the Ballad Singer, the Apple Woman, the Swan Children, and more with special tales to tell. They watch the races; they see the castle on the Island of the Four Swans, and more. Finally, the road brings them safely home.


The RTÉ Guide run a promotional 'The Grey Goose of Kilnevin' competition aimed at young people, . The prize was an Aer Lingus flight between Cork and Dublin. The winners were nTherese Coleman and Sonya O'Grady .


Grace O'Brien (as Betsy, The Grey Goose)

Michael Jackson (Fergus)

Aisling Lane (Sheila)

Kieran Sheedy

Trina Scannell (The Swan Girl).