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The Hit List written and directed for RTÉ Radio by John Boorman. First in a trilogy followed by 2020 and After Life .

Aired in RTÉ Radio 1, Sunday 7 Novembe, 2010

Winner of the Bronze Medal for Best Sound at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2011


In a wickedly waspish skit, John Boorman,the celebrated director of Deliverance and Excalibur wipes the smile off the face of a toothless Celtic tiger as two white knights (and members of Mensa, Ireland) begin to blackmail the bankrupt betters who brought us here.


Brendan .. Stephen Rea

Áine ........... Angeline Ball

Jo ............... Brendan Gleeson

With Emmet Bergin, Phelim Drew, Susan Fitzgerald, Kate Minogue, Bosco Hogan, Gerard Byrne, Enda Oates, Clelia Murphy, Lorna Quinn, Mary Kelly with Frankie, Quincy, Charlotte and JJ McNamara

Series Producer: Kevin Reynolds