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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is an audio drama produced for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's Chronicles of Narnia series in 1998, and released in 1999. While first in publication order, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is second in Chronological order.


Voice tracks were recorded at The Soundhouse ltd in London, England

  • Douglas Gresham - host
  • Paul Scofield as the story teller
  • David Suchet as Aslan
  • Elizabeth Counsell as Jadis the White Witch
  • Freddie Findlay as Peter
  • Katherine Suchet as Susan
  • Matthew White as Edmund
  • Elizabeth Eaton as Lucy
  • Timothy Bateson as Mr. Beaver
  • Robert Benfield as adult Edmund, Maugrim & Squirrel
  • Sally Ann Burnett as adult Susan
  • Katy Glassborow as adult Lucy & fourth hag
  • Peter Goodwright as Fox & Giant
  • Dilys Hamlett as Mrs. Macready & first hag
  • Polly March as Mrs. Beaver & third hag
  • Peter Moreton as adult Peter & Wolf
  • Audrey Palmer as second hag
  • Philip Sherlock as Mr. Tumnus
  • David Simeon as Father Christmas
  • Frank Topping as Dwarf
  • John Woodnut as Professor Digory Kirke


  • The sound of the snow crunching underfoot was created using crunching breakfast cereal.