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The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler
Dramatized by Bill Morrison
Directed by John Tydeman
BBC Radio 4
- 16.01.1978

5th of 6 dramatizations with Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe


Terry Lennox seemed like a nice guy. Okay, he was a drunk but maybe that could happen to anyone with too much money, too much time and a wife who played the field in a big way. Trouble was, when she ended up dead, it wasn't money that got Lennox to Mexico. It was Marlowe.


  • Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe
  • Rod Beacham
  • Anthony Daniels
  • Blain Fairman
  • Don Fellows
  • Malcolm Gerard
  • Brian Hewlett
  • Henry Knowles
  • Neville Jason
  • David March
  • Peter Marinker
  • Paul Maxwell
  • Bill Morrison
  • Toby Robbins
  • William Roberts
  • Margaret Robertson
  • Gordon Sterne
  • Bob Sherman
  • Harry Towb
  • Ramsay Williams

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