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The Magician's Nephew is an audio drama produced for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's Chronicles of Narnia series in 1998, and released in 1999. Though sixth in publication order, the Magician's Nephew is the first in chronological order


Voice tracks were recorded at The Soundhouse Ltd in London, England.

  • Paul Scofield as your story teller
  • David Suchet as Aslan
  • Elizabeth Counsell as Queen Jadis
  • Nathaniel Lippiett as Digory Kirke
  • Jessica Fox as Polly Plummer
  • Richard Syms as Uncle Andrew

featuring the multi-voiced talents of[]

  • Nick Burnell as Constable & Mole
  • Evangeline Evans as Aunt Letty
  • Jane Gambier as Mabel Kirke & Matilda
  • Katy Glassborow as Rabbit
  • Peter Goodwright as Frank the Cabbie (King Frank I)
  • Polly March as Helen (Queen Helen I)
  • David Oakley as rotund man
  • Philip Sherlock as 2nd man & crowd
  • Mervyn Stutter as Strawberry (Fledge)


  • the Dilber running gag makes another appearance and its first appearance in The Chronicles of Narnia series when Uncle Andrew tells Digory to ask Mrs. Dilber to get him a glass of brandy.