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The Making of Napoleon by Mike Walker, from an idea by Andy Jordan. This was first broadcast 13 April 1996 as part of Radio 4's Film 100 season, in the Saturday Playhouse slot.


A drama-documentary of how film pioneer Abel Gance's monumental Napoléon was saved from neglect and destruction by film historian and former boyhood fan Kevin Brownlow. Includes interviews with Kevin Brownlow and composer Carl Davis.


  • Kevin Brownlow - Jamie Glover
  • Abel Gance - Jean-Claude Deraix
  • Young Kevin - Tom Lawrence
  • Kevin's Mother - Ann Beach
  • Virginia Brownlow - Justine Middar
  • Albert Dieudonné - Henri Serre
  • Georges - Geoffrey Banks
  • Louis Nalpas - Philippe Mavrais
  • Jean Arroix - Hervé Pochant
  • Simone Surdieux - Elma Soirant
  • Yvonne Martin - Caline Carre
  • Simon Feldman - Eric Redman
  • Vengaroff - John Bluthal
  • David Gill - Kim Wall
  • Stella Pence - Shelley Thompson
  • Other parts by Veronique Derolaide, Keith Drinkel, Ronald Verney, David Timson, Anthony Jackson, Jonathan Adams, Patience Tomlinson, Zulema Dene, Alice Arnold, John Hartley and Roger May.

Directed in Bristol by Andy Jordan

Critical Reception[]