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Part of RTÉ Long Story Short, a series of reflective plays on Life in Lockdown, Patrick McCabe asks "Where did The Almighty go during this pandemic?".

The Monsignor and The Supernatural explores the dialogue between the Secular present and the Catholic past in Ireland - ranging from confusion, rage and embarrassment back to a kind of longing.

And  ... where did The Almighty go during this pandemic?.  

"She went online. Where once whole villages stopped, as though frozen in time, with heavy curtains being drawn and a variety of sacred incantations repeated - now we type in 'a true gent’ or ’R.I.P.’ on the Undertaker's website - and that, more or less, - is that."

In memoriam Peter Green, musician, late of Fleetwood Mac, Brendan Conroy stars in The Monsignor and The Supernatural by Patrick McCabe.

Music by Seamus Fay, The Cavan Lilter, performed two hornpipes, Poll Ha’penny agus Garraí na Saileog and Peter Green on guitar on The Supernatural by Fleetwood Mac.

Sound design by Ciarán Dunne & Ruth Kennington

Produced by the series producer of Drama on One, Kevin Reynolds.

1st TX 21st February 2021

Duration 14m20s

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Patrick Mccabe on his play.

The play